Pentecost: 'the day of the Holy Trinity'

Oh you who are beyond everything! For what else can be sung about you?

St Gregory the Theologian

We have seen the true light, we have received the heavenly Spirit, we have found the true faith worshipping the undivided Trinity which has saved us.

Hymn from the feast day of Pentecost

Why did Jesus ascend to Heaven in body, 40 days after the Resurrection?

In the second coming of Christ, all of us are going to receive a resurrected body. We will live in eternity in both body and soul, being forever filled with the presence of the resurrected and ascended Christ.

The Sunday of Thomas

Initially, when Thomas first heard about the resurrection from the other disciples, he was greatly disappointed to have missed the event. So great was his disappointment, and so great was his desire to experience the reality of the resurrection, that he challenged his God to make it real.

The Resurrection

We must not lose sight of the fact that on multiple occasions and under various circumstances different individuals and groups of people (including over 500 at once) experienced appearances of Jesus alive.

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