Some Thoughts on the 15 Days in August

For the Orthodox, and particularly for the Greek people, the first 15 days of August is a time in the Church calendar with a very distinct character and spirituality: Daily Services of Supplication to the holy Mother of God.

An Outpouring of Love

His clothes shining as white as light remind us of His previous words: "I am the Light of the World". It is the same glow that emanated from the saints as they were transfigured through their climb to virtue and purity; it is this light that the halos signify in all our icons.

Operation Attila - 40 Years of Turkish Occupation

Freedom of worship continues to be severely restricted, access to religious sites blocked, religious sites systematically destroyed and a large number of unique religious and archaeological objects stolen.

The Basic Elements of the Divine Plan

For the place where Christ would execute His activities, the Holy Trinity selected the area of Palestine, because at that time it was the centre of the civilised world. It was that part of the world, where East and West, North and South were meeting.

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