What is the Paschal Triduum?

"Paschal" (Latin, paschalis = of or pertaining to the Passover) is the adjective formed from the English word "Pasch", a preferable alternative to the more common "Easter" (Greek and Latin, Pascha, from the Hebrew Pesah or Pesach = Passover).

Why is Holy Week and Pascha Important to Us?

Holy Week and Pascha are annual commemorations bringing us face to face with death and, in the process, helping us to discover the power of life.

Saint Lazarus

According to tradition, St Lazarus was compelled to seek refuge away from Jerusalem to avoid the anger of the High Priests who wanted to kill him. This location was Kittium (Larnaca) of Cyprus.

St Mary of Egypt

Seeing an icon of the Holy Theotokos, she prayed that if allowed to venerate the Holy Cross, she would change her life and follow whatever path of salvation the Mother of God revealed.

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