Rejoice, You Who Are Full of Grace!

Annunciation of the TheotokosOn 25th of March, nine months prior to the Nativity, we celebrate the Annunciation; the "announcing" of Jesus' conception. The Greek word ευαγγελισμός, or "the telling of the Good News," adds a rich layer of spiritual and theological meaning, as we commemorate the setting-in-motion of God's plan for our salvation.

Heroes of 1821

Greek War of IndependenceThere is an account of a famous exchange between General Makriyannis and the French Admiral de Rigny. With only 300 men, Makriyannis was preparing the defences when de Rigny approached him.

St John Climacus

Icon of St John Climacus Ladder of Divine AscentSt John Climacus' Ladder of Divine Ascent represents the Gospel put into practice. It remains the guide par excellence for a life of devotion to God for both monks and lay people.

The Cross of Christ

Aghia SophiaAll great battles in history took place in plains, hills and low-laying tablelands. But the greatest battle of all took place on the bare, rocky hill of Golgotha.

The Forty Martyrs of Sebastia

In 320AD, forty soldiers of the Roman army of different backgrounds and races, were enrolled together into one troop and had great faith in Jesus Christ. At the time of sacrifice to the pagan idols, the forty soldiers refused to do so.

St Gregory Palamas

Icon of St Gregory PalamasSt Gregory was a pre-eminent theologian who spent a lot of time writing books and fighting false teachings. One such false teaching was that it was wrong to live like the monks on Mt Athos did - in quietness and prayer.

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