Saint Haralambos

Icon of St HaralambosAt one stage, Lucian's hands became paralysed, and only after St Haralambos' prayers were they healed. This led to the conversion of the governor and many onlookers.

Why Don't We Use Musical Instruments in Church?

Orthodox Christian worship is best executed by the instrument for which it was developed - the human voice. Perhaps more to the point is the fact that the Apostles and early churches did not use instruments in worship, and indeed emphasized this "absence" as being significant.

An Angel of Peace, A Faithful Guide, A Guardian of Our Souls and Bodies, Let Us Ask of the Lord

We first of all ask for an "angel of peace"! Yet which angel of all the heavenly hosts does not love peace and work towards it?

On Fervent Prayer

This is why we need to pray with simplicity and humility. We need to be 'selfless' in our prayer. Just as a nightingale sings without anyone seeing, we need to give ourselves over to the worship of God in secret.

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