If I had the ability to give you a very precious gift, this would have been the most precious thing that I could ever give you: the knowledge of how to deal with or how to ignore thoughts.


If there is one book that you read that can help you become a Saint [in addition to the Bible], I would say that if someone follows everything that is in this book, this person can become a Saint.  That’s how important this book is.

Bishop Emilianos of Meloa on Λόγος περί Νήψεως by Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra

In March 2020, as the world changed around us... 

His Grace Bishop Emilianos undertook the task of providing an explanation of Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra’s book “Λόγος περί Νήψεως”, available to the current day only in Greek.  The wisdom therein, enriching and invaluable, is shared in this series of talks.

Nepsis - A way of denying. Prayer - A way to follow.

Λόγος περί Νήψεως

by Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra 

This series of talks by His Grace Bishop Emilianos of Meloa provides an explanation of the work of Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra on νήψεως (nepsis), and opens a forum for questions and answers.

Nepsis can be defined as vigilance; when we empty ourselves from all sorts of thoughts, both positive and negative. It is like denying ourselves while praying in order to be able to pray. The word 'nepsis' carries many different translations. While we can say that in essence it means vigilance, we can also describe it as being wakeful, watchful, alert and brave among many other things. 

Nepsis | TALK 1 | PT 1Bishop Emilianos
00:00 / 23:44
Nepsis | TALK 1 | PT 2Bishop Emilianos
00:00 / 20:58
Nepsis | TALK 2 | PT 2Bishop Emilianos
00:00 / 25:27
Nepsis | TALK 2 | PT 2Bishop Emilianos
00:00 / 21:56
Nepsis | TALK 3 | PT 1Bishop Emilianos
00:00 / 24:40
Nepsis | TALK 3 | PT 2Bishop Emilianos
00:00 / 21:05
Nepsis | TALK 4 | PT 1Bishop Emilianos
00:00 / 17:54
Nepsis | TALK 4 | PT 2Bishop Emilianos
00:00 / 17:54
Nepsis | TALK 4 | PT 3Bishop Emilianos
00:00 / 17:18
Nepsis | TALK 4 | PT 4Bishop Emilianos
00:00 / 18:03
Nepsis | TALK 5 | PT 1Bishop Emilianos
00:00 / 14:26
Nepsis | TALK 5 | PT 2Bishop Emilianos
00:00 / 14:16
Nepsis | TALK 5 | PT 3Bishop Emilianos
00:00 / 23:48

Nepsis is precious in our everyday life to enable us to PROGRESS; TO move on without having thoughts confusing us.

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