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@2017 The Central Youth Committee NSW. 

Our Patron saint

Marina was born in Pisidian Antioch of pagan parents.

At the age of twelve, Marina learned about the Lord Jesus Christ and his gracious sacrifice for humankind. She experienced a great love for the Lord and vowed to never marry, wishing to remain faithful to Christ alone. 

Saint Marina

the Great Martyr and Vanquisher of Demons

Her pagan father disowned her, and the imperial deputy, Olymbrius, learning from Marina that she was a Christian, wanted her to marry him. When Marina refused, he ordered her to bow down before the idols. St. Marina replied: “I will neither bow down nor offer sacrifice to the breathless and dead idols, who do not recognize themselves and do not know that we honour or dishonor them. I will not give them the honour that belongs only to my Creator.”

When she was martyred, Saint Marina was only fifteen years old.

The Central Youth Committee deliberated for some time on which saint would serve as our guardian and role model, a pattern for our behaviour and a protector to ask intercessory prayer from.

After some time, Saint Marina became the clear choice. She is an outstanding role model to young men and women, having martyred at the age of fifteen. Despite her early years, Marina was able to endure all suffering in order to witness to Christ, and as a result, many pagans became Christians. To this day, her story continues to inspire many and her relics continue to perform miracles.


O Glorious Marina, once betrothed to the Logos, you relinquished all worldly concerns and brilliantly gave struggle as a virginal beauty. You soundly trounced the invisible enemy who appeared to you, O Champion, and you are now the world’s wellspring of healing grace.